Erotic massage

The tension is killing you? Looking for an extraordinary way to relax? Gold House in Warsaw has a perfect solution. Join us for an unforgettable experience of a professional erotic massage performed by very attractive as well as skilful massagers.

Nurse’s apron or erotic underwear? Design the experience to meet your boldest expectations.

Our massagers

Our girls are well-educated and experienced. Their massages help to defuse tension and experience deep relaxation in luxurious surroundings of a high-braw Night Club. Depending on your favourites you will be given a full-body erotic massage or the massager will focus on a particular spot helping you to deal with all the accumulated tension.

You can always count on professionalism and discretion of our staff, at every stage of the service.

Erotic massage Warsaw

If you are looking for an exclusive, but at the same time very discreet area to enjoy a bit of relaxation, Gold House in Warsaw is the place. We offer you professional erotic massage, as well as erotic dance and sophisticated drinks which meet expectations of the most demanding customers.

Seeking for an idea of an unforgettable stag party? Gold House in Warsaw will held the party providing the groom-to-be and his guests with numerous attractions. Erotic massage can be one of them.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are at your service, always ready to deliver the best possible experiences.