Special SHOW

Lesbian Show

This is a performance during which beautiful dancers will arouse your senses to red. Sensual, erotic show performed by our dancers is a pleasure that is hard to resist.

Jacuzzi Show

Jacuzzi show goes beyond your expectations, a relaxing bath in good company is an experience you will not forget easily.

Massage Show

We want our clients to feel special at Gold House. After a hard day at work, there is nothing better than a massage made by our girls! Give yourself a break and relax in the company of beautiful women.

Light Show

It’s a real treat for your eyes – playing with the light and the beauty of a woman’s body will take you on an unforgettable adventure. You will experience an erotic show which several beautiful women take part in.

Domination Show

Have you ever thought about fulfilling your fantasies? If so, this is a must for you. During this show, the dancers take on the people you choose. You have, for example, a domine, stewardess, policewoman, nurse and many others.

Dance Show

If you have already seen an erotic dance somewhere, then you must forget about it and prepare for the new meaning of the word. This show performed by our dancers will make you want more.